About us

We’re gonna tell you a magical story about a girl and a boy and their great love…

Just kidding, we’re gonna tell you a story about a girl and a boy who once met in Croatia and now they’re living together in Austria trying to run a really good travel blog 😊

Firstly, allow me to present myself to You, dear Reader. I’m Jela, the writer. Sometimes the photographer. I come from Croatia and I have a masters degree in Culturology and Media Culture. Therefore, I’m highly interested in culture, media and art. I moved to Austria a few months ago and I’m currently learning the language. I believe that my English is quite good – but not perfect, so I apologize for all the grammar and spelling mistakes.

And, this is Mire. A photographer with a really good eye. He’s also from Croatia but he moved to Austria over a ten years ago. He speaks German fluently but he’s a bit shy with English. He is one of the most persistent person I’ve ever met. Photography and video making are his love and he used to be a vloger ages ago, in time when being a vloger wasn’t such a hype.

Together, we are simple human beings, simple (but overwhelmingly cute 😊), trying to earn some money and travel as much as possible.

So, dear Reader, we welcome You to our blog, enjoy Your stay!

Lots of love,

Mire and Jela