Prep for Lisboa


Hey there!

It´s Summer dear reader, and if you´re that type of person who likes to make a little investigation before packing the suitcase to the chosen destination AND if that destination is Lisbon – you should read the following lines.


  1. Don´t hesitate to use metro to get from the airport to your accommodation. It´s one of the cheapest ways. Second best way is UBER – great service, affordable and easy.


  1. If you want to rent a car to explore all the beaches around or just to drive on the Vasco da Gama Bridge – which I heartily recommend – then rent one right at the airport. They are definitely the cheapest ones.


  1. Portugal is famous for its wines but let yourself be surprised with the taste of a good Portuguese beer. Take a tour at Beer Museum, and since you´re there try some Codfish – it goes perfectly with beer.


  1. You know all those postcards and Instagram posts with yellow tram? Yeah, very cool BUT if you want to take some cool photos without having a group of tourists on them – do it in the morning, as soon as they start to work. Same goes if you want to take a ride on one of them and not being run over by a bunch of people.


  1. If you want to visit different parts of Lisbon and you just can´t reach all of them by walking around then I recommend to use the bus. Lines are pretty good, they´re not crowded with tourists and it´s not that expensive.


  1. It is also good to know that the shops in Lisbon mainly open at 9 or 10 am. There are many small street shops that also close around 1 pm. So, if you wake up early and want to go buy some things for breakfast – you can forget it. Come back again around 9 (been there – done that)!


  1. Visit Sintra! You just have to! Rent a car (but be aware of parking availability), take a train or a bus. Bring some light wind jacket and sneakers – you´ll be thankful for this advice when you get there. Visit Sintra twice! There´s just so much to see.


  1. Cabo da Roca! Go! It´s impossible to describe it!


For a couple of hours just forget about the phone and maps and Trip advisor. Get lost in those beautiful streets. Feel the culture, meet locals – they´re very friendly, eat a lot of fish, order that cheese with the wine, listen to Fado and bring some of those moments home with you.


Oh, and don´t forget to eat a lot of Pasteis de Belem! You´ll see why.







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