Lisboa – PART 1

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It has been more than a month since we came back from Lisbon and, honestly, I was not in a mood to write a new post about it until now. I think a part of my soul decided to stay there. It took me a while to adjust myself to „normality“, and now that I´ve done that, I can finally tell you what happened in Lisboa..


Gosh.. I can still feel the smell of grilled fish on my fingers! It takes me back to that one scene when we were on a beach and we decided to have a lunch in the nearest beach restaurant. When we were going back to Lisbon, the whole time in a train we were smelling like fish – but it is was so freaking good that you don´t care about those kinds of things! So yes, mostly we ate fish. They have a special way of preparing it and its very salty and perfectly grilled. The prices are various, it depends in which part of Lisbon you decide to eat. But, mostly, grilled fish was somewhere between 9 and 15 Euros and the best one we had in Alfama.

When we landed in Lisbon, first we realized that the airport is really chaotic. Then, we decided to go to our appartement by using metro. Even though we´ve read that metro is not so good here. What we found out is this – metro is the best way to get from the airport to your accommodation. It´s easy and quite cheep. The ride from airport to our place took us about 40 minutes with only one change. But!!! Not all parts of Lisbon are covered with metro, for some places you have to take a train, or a bus – which is also a good solution because it´s not expensive at all.


We booked appartement again on Airbnb, and we were situated in such a beautiful place of this amazing town. Our street is maybe one of the most popular in Lisbon – Rua da Bica de Durte Bello. This is a street full of small restaurants, Airbnb appartements and local people. This is the street that you can see on most of the postcards – the famous yellow Elevador da Bica is here. Somewhere around 8 or 9 in the morning the elevator starts to work, and during the day it takes dozens of rounds up and down. In the evening, around 8 p.m. it closes and rests for another groups of tourist. This ride is really short and it´s quite expensive, if you ask me.

Very close to this street is Bairo Alto – the famous part of Lisbon for nightlife. During the day this place is very quite, the streets are peaceful, you can see local people hanging their clothes through the windows – it is a very common thing here. In the evening and until the early morning hours you can see a lot of people here. The bars are open mostly until 2 a.m. but people are hanging out in the streets. Most of them are tourists and 20% of them are drug dealers. You can find them on every 10 meters and sometimes they can be very annoying. Even though it´s not legal here, you can get anything you want for a cheap price.

When you are at Bairo Alto you must try Ginja – it´s a sort of a cherry liquor, very sweet and easy to drink. Also try some Portuguese beers. We heartily recommend the beer museum – Museu da Cerveja. I was surprised how good beers they have! And how long history of beer production they have. The museum exhibition is very interesting and very cheap + you get a glass of beer while you are watching it. You can also eat there because the food here is to lick your fingers! (But not so cheap.) If you´re here, please try „Codfish“. You can try it anywhere in town – but here is the best! And it goes perfect with a big cold glass of beer!

At Bairo Alto, almost every night you can hear Fado – a special kind of singing followed by guitars. It just moves you in a special way – but try to find a place that is not so full with tourists because not all of them understand this and they will disturb your experience of Fado by laughing too loud while, mostly, they are too drunk or too high. It is better to listen to Fado in Alfama. There is also a Museum of Fado where you can hear the whole history of it. One funny old guy told us that Fado is always about love triangles and indecisiveness of the woman. There are several famous Fado singers and Fado is here very appreciated.


I will stop here and ask you, dear readers, to stop by again when I write another post about this amazing town. It´s just impossible for me to fit those 10 days of Lisbon life in one post. So, stay tuned for more interesting but also useful infos!





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