The oldest town in Austria – PART 2

People often say „there´s no place like home“, but, when you move to another town in a different country you try your best to make a new home. But what does it actually mean? Home is not just place where you live. People who surround you, they take a big part in making that place your home. So, in this second post about Enns, we decided to talk to people who are true „Ennser“ or „Ennserinnen“ – as we would say it here..

We made a short interviews with two people who have been born in Enns and are still living here. I mean, who could better describe you what is Enns like and why is it a nice place to visit – than the people who have lived their whole life here.

First we talked to Martin (Martl) Hoeffle. He is, as he describes himself, a 36-year-old established merchant. In his free time Martl is a city-guide in Enns. He is happily engaged „with the love of his life“ – as he says, and he´s a cat owner! (He got our hearts there) Martl is one of the most pleasant people in Enns, he will always greet you with a big smile!

He moved from Enns only once and only for a year, but as we have said at the beginning, there´s no place like home! And Martl agrees with that, he says that Enns is „The place to be“. Why? Because it has a Roman and medieval heritage, and he is very found of that. We asked him what is life in Enns like and he told us that „it feels a little like in Italy – especially in Summer. There are many bars and comfortable restaurants at the main square. Enns is very hospitable.”

Martl (1 von 1)

We also had a chance to speak to a true Ennserin, a woman who has never changed her home address. We are talking about Ursula Gruber. She is a very successful woman – runs her own business company together with her husband and they own a small sport-fashion shop. She is also a mother of a 15-year-old boy. She used to be a professional horse rider and she´s a hunter and owner of a two gorgeous hunting dogs. Ursula is truly a proud Ennserin – since she has never moved from here. She says that Enns is like a small village but with a lot of inhabitants, we have a strong economy but the most special thing about this town is its heritage and its old parts, like Hauptplatz. She says that mostly everybody knows everyone here, and we are indeed living the life of a citta slow town. We agreed that Enns has a lot of potential, and has a lot of things to offer.

Ursula (1 von 1)

Both of them, Ursula and Martl, agreed that to be a true Ennser/in – it means that you have to be proud! Proud of your heritage and history! Proud of your family background! Proud of our “Stadtturm”! But most of all – proud of our hospitality.



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