That Gmunden feeling

Greetings everyone!

The weather outside has become unbearable. The Sun is shining so strong, we are all feeling lazy and dreaming of vacation. If you don´t have enough money or time to go on some egzotic destination this summer, then we might have a solution for you!

This year we have planned our vacation in September. Right now, that seems to me so far away. And, Mire and me, we just can´t stay at one place for too long. Even though we are working hard right now to save money for vacation, we still manage to „hit the road“.  We ordered a free book named „16 kleine historische Städte in Österreich“ on and there we picked a few towns we would like to visit. First, we have visited Steyr, and now we went to Gmunden.

Gmunden is placed in Upper Austria, ca. 70km from Linz and I swear that it is the most stunning small town I have ever been to. When we parked the car and took a short walk to the lake i absolutely forgot that I´m in Austria. I felt like I was in some small town at the coast of Adriatic sea.  Gmunden is situated on the north coast of lake Traunsee – the deepest lake in Austria. The lake is surrounded by mountains and from Gmunden you can see the mountain Traunstein. These mountains are like mighty giants who just stand there in the lake and take your breath away. The horizon they create makes you feel so calm, and while the wind brings the fresh air to your face – you completely forget about reality and all you can feel is relaxation.


As we speak of relaxation, Gmunden is very popular as health resort. They have variety of health baths. That is because Gmunden is one of the most important center of salt industry. But, the most important thing about Gmunden is that it is a city of ceramics. The ceramics from Gmunden are one of the most known in Europe. Here, they even have a very significant festival of ceramics that happens every year in August. If you´re in Gmunden and you´re walking on the main square, you should take a look at the bells on the Town Hall. They are completely ceramic. And extremely beautifull.


From the main square you can also see Gisele chillin´on the lake. Gisele is an old steamboat. One of the few in the world that are completely originally saved. You can see her on the lake in summer time and you can also rent her for events. For example,
there´s an event „Jump of the day – Dirnd-Dress Flight Day“ which is happening on the Gisele. People are jumping in traditional Austrian folk clothes from Gisele in to the Traunsee. This definitely sounds very interesting and amuzing.

If you take the look away from the lake and Gisele, you will find a beautiful architecture. Tall houses placed near each other are proudly showing they beautiful facades painted in vivid colours. I would say that Gmunden cares about Art. You can find plenty of ateliers in those narrow streets and if you take a peek at someone´s balcony or window, you will see paintings and empty canvas ready for some fresh paint to be put on them.


And by now, this walk will probably make you hungry. We suggest you to take a walk by the lake and there you will find a lot of restaurants and coffee shops. We found one small restaurant named Fishmaster. They have their space in the city but also here, by the lake. And here they serve a realy good grilled fish – we heartily recommend it!


Now, there is one more place you have to see here in Gmunden. Take a walk to the Schloss Ort or take a tram – the smallest and oldest tramway in Austria, only 2,3 km long. Schloss Ort is a small island on the Traunsee that is actually a medieval castle. It is very beautiful and well preserved. There is also a restaurant that has one of the best views on the Traunsee horizon.


Gmunden is truly a magical town. We would´ve always gladly returned to it. The only thing I do mind about this town is that they have no free parking place – or at least we couldn´t find one. But if we sum up everything – every Euro spent for the parking we do not regret!


Dear Gmunden, see you again!



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