The oldest town in Austria – PART 1

The story of Enns involves the story of us two. Enns is a town where our little and charming flat takes its place. I remember when I first came here, only as a tourist. I remember how impressed I was with the architecture, with all those cute houses standing in those narrow streets, whispering the history of the town and the whole Austria, as well. Enns happens to be the oldest town in Austria. In the 9th century it was only a fortress but later it turned out into an important trade center and that was when it became a town.  You can still walk by the old great walls that were part of the fortress and those walks will bring you back to medieval times.


Enns is a very popular destination for the cyclists because  it lies at the intersection of the great Upper Austrian cycling routes. When the Sun comes out and push away rainy days and clouds, you can see bikes on every corner of the Enns.


People here are crazy about icecream! (Okay, who’s not!) Whenever there’s a ray of Sun outthere, people take their bikes and ride to the Hauptplatz for an icecream. At Hauptplatz (the old city center) you can find the best icecream but it is a big trouble to find a parking place. Here are also restaurants, pubs, museum Lauriacum, hotels and basically everything. Everything  that happens in Enns, happens at Hauptplatz.

At the bare hearth of Hauptplatz you can find the landmark of Enns – the Stadtturm. It is a clock tower that reaches around 60 meters in high and it rings on every half hour. You can walk up in the tower attic and there you can enjoy one of the best views in Enns and its surroundings. There you can see, among a lot of old buildings, the castle Ennsegg and the city hall.


Enns is a little town but here you have everything a town needs. You have the urban city center, you have a lot of parks and nature, you have a river Enns where you can enjoy long walks. There are some pretty cool pubs like Hofcaffe, and there is a very romantic restaurant hidden in the walls of the castle Ennsegg.

People here are very friendly and communicative. Enns is a very multicultural town, it is a home for a lot of people from Balkan and also from Turkey. Life in Enns is very peaceful, very quite. Enns is a part of „Cita Slow“ movement, but I’ll write about it in the other Enns-post, where we’ll be interviewing a „true Ennser“.

That’s all for this post, in the next one we’ll give you some more informations about Enns and life here. Take a look at our galery in section „Pictures“ – all the cool photos are there 😊


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