A walk through Steyr

Dear readers, we’d like to start this post with an apology. We apologize for not posting for quite a long time. So many things has happened to us during this time, and we have a bit neglected our blog. So, we’re sorry about that and, from now on, we’ll try to do better 😊

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We haven’t really had any chances to go on some longer trips but we’ve managed to calm our restless travel spirit by going on a nearby short trips. For this post we’ve decided to write a few words about Steyr – a beautiful, old town in Upper Austria.

Steyr is located only 40 km away from the capital of Upper Austria – Linz. This is a town that has over one thousand years long history. Everything started with „Stirapurch“ – today Lamberg palace. It was built in the year 980 and now it is a beautiful castle where one of the biggest library in Austria is situated.


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The city center and its architecture is absolutely stunning. The center is surrounded with several houses originally built in Gothic period but afterwords some of them were rebuilt in the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo periods. This mixure of styles makes this center really special. Most of these houses have their own stories, but there is one that is really special for Steyr. This house is called „Bummerlhaus“. In the 15th century it belonged to a rich family and there was an inn named „Zum goldenen Löwen“. On the entrance there was, of course, a statue of a lion but it looked like a dog, a basset dog. In the Austrian dialect this kind of dog is called Bummerl – so that is why this house is called Bummerlhause. Today there is a bank in this house also named Bummerl-Bank.

Steyr is placed at the confluence of two rivers – Enns and Steyr. There is a beautfull small square between the Enns and Steyr bridge where walks are almost magical. There’s a beautifull Baroque facades and a Gothic archway that leads you to the Lamberg castle. In this castle there’s a big trench and it is a home for mountain goats. There’s also a big park and a small wood with castle restaurant and art galery.

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The city of Steyr is known all over the Europe for its industry – metal, gun, maschines etc. The citizents of Steyr has Josef Werndl to thanks to for it. He started a gun industry that was very powerfull in the World War times.

Steyr has also a very distinguished cultural scene. They have open air music festivals, jazz festival, theater at the river etc. Only 30 minutes away from Steyr there is a nacional park „Kalkalpen“ – so Steyr has so many things to offer for nature and sport lovers.

This town has its magic, it has so many romantic, small and hidden places that can bring you back to some medieval gothic times.


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