Our Prague Story

Hello guys!

You’re about to read our first travel story. We’ve been meaning to start our own blog months ago and finally we did it. You know how they say, you need to write your own Prague story – well, we decided to do it. And it was wonderful. We’ve visited Prague in July this year. First, we had to find a place to stay. So, we started looking for some apartments on Airbnb, Booking.com, Trivago. Finally,  we’ve found some cute place in part of Prague called Andel, which translated to English means angel. It was named after a historic pub Golden Angel which had a statue of angel in front. Andel is a very busy part of Prague, it has a huge metro station. Metro in Prague is huge and very cheap. You can easily and fast come to any part of the city. You can get the metro map anywhere, we even got one in our apartment. All in all it is very easy to get by in Prague by using metro.


People in Prague are very pleasant and friendly. Also, most of them speak English, so it’s really easy to communicate with them. Andel has one of the biggest Prague shopping malls. We went there every morning for breakfast at Pauls. Paul is a French chain of bakeries that evolved in cafe restaurants. Everything you eat or drink there is extremely good and also it’s not expensive.



When you walk in Prague supermarkets you can find several products with Krtek – a mole that is very popular cartoon character in Czech.

We had a vision to explore the heart of Prague by using our foots. And that idea turned out to be great ’cause we had a chance to get to know Prague for real. We walked about 10 miles per day, our legs were killing us – but it was worth of it. We’ve seen some classic tourist attractions like the Charles Bridge (Karlov most), St. Vitus chatedral (Katedrala Svatehovita) – but, we also managed to see some cute little places, stores, houses, shop windows beautifully decorated, restaurants and, most important, we had a chance to interract with people who live in Prague.


We would definitely recommend you to visit the beer museums. There you can taste some of the greatest czech beers such as Staropramen, Pilsner or Kozel. We went there and even got the chance to meet some cool guys from Germany, and one of them came to Prague to celebrate his bachelour party.

When you walk that much as we did, you get hungry, so for that kind of situation you can try traditional czech cookie (sort of), named Trdelnik. It’s sweet and tasty.

To conclude, our tips from Prague to you:

look for place to stay on sites we’ve mentioned because it’s cheaper and there are some really cool places

stay min 3 days – less is not enough

walk, walk, walk

fall in love with the city and

definitely come back again.


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